Offshore Wind Cable Corridor Constraints Assessment Framework (RFI 4944)

Due Date:  02/14/2022  (Round 1)


NYSERDA has launched Request for Information (RFI) 4944 to engage with interested stakeholders to understand potential constraints to siting offshore wind energy cables in the nearshore environment (New York State waters), at landfall, and along overland areas.

NYSERDA is developing an Offshore Wind Cable Corridor Constraints Assessment (“Assessment”) to better understand the limitations to siting cables in the nearshore (New York State waters), at landfall, and along overland routes to existing points of interconnection (POIs). The Assessment will inform what actions New York State may consider helping ensure maximum benefits of renewable OSW energy while minimizing conflicts and impacts on activities and infrastructure. The Assessment seeks to advance coordination and planning efforts by building on existing work and previous studies. The Assessment will also coordinate the analysis and evaluation of potential corridor segments to support future decision-making and policy development to achieve New York State’s goals and mandates and allow for commercial innovation. Finally, the Assessment will include coordination with New York State agencies and ongoing and earnest engagement with key stakeholders. NYSERDA seeks to gather information on a number of resources with the most relevance in the feasibility of bringing offshore wind energy cables to points of interconnection.


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