Carbontech Development Initiative (PON 4685)

Due Date:  05/04/2021  (Round 1)


The Carbontech Development Initiative will catalyze the development of a nationally recognized carbontech innovation ecosystem that will serve as a coordination point for world-class carbontech researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and customers in New York State. This initiative needs a program administrator to lead it, and NYSERDA welcomes applications from entities with demonstrated carbontech leadership skills and experienced carbontech staff. The program administrator will work with NYSERDA to develop the Carbontech Development Initiative, administer research and commercialization grants, conduct industry outreach activities, and carry out other applied programs that will advance carbontech solutions from the laboratory to market. 

The program administrator will be expected to provide or procure cost share for 55% of the program budget and to secure corporate partnerships. NYSERDA will provide anchor funding and partnership to the selected Program Opportunity Notice awardee and will collaborate with the awardee to design programming, secure private and public cost share, and to ensure the success of program grantees and beneficiaries as they advance and commercialize their innovative carbontech solutions. The selected entity will receive funding to administer external grant programs and to conduct its own carbontech research and commercialization.  


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