RetrofitNY Solution Provider Qualification (RFQL 4553)

Due Date:  Continuous


Through this Request for Qualifications (RFQL), NYSERDA will qualify Solution Providers to design, furnish and install a high performance retrofit solution that approaches or achieves Carbon Neutral performance. 
Solution Providers qualified through this RFQL can then partner with a building owner whose building was qualified through RFQL 4552 to install a high performance retrofit. Components used in the retrofits will be qualified through RFQL 4551 for Component Manufacturers.  When the owner of a qualified building partners with a qualified Solution Provider to install a retrofit solution by a qualified Component Manufacturer, the owner will then be eligible to apply for gap-funding under an upcoming NYSERDA solicitation.
No NYSERDA funding is associated with this RFQL.  NYSERDA’s purpose is to qualify Solution Providers for upcoming gap-funding solicitations for future pilot rounds of RetrofitNY. 


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