Just Transition Site Reuse Planning Program (PON 4563)

Due Date:  Continuous


 The Just Transition Site Reuse Planning Program is designed to provide communities with planning services to inform future decision making at the local level to help mitigate any negative impacts of pending or future fossil fuel power plant closures. NYSERDA is taking proactive steps to assist communities (County, City, Town, or Village) in their planning for the transition to 100 percent zero emission electricity by 2040, as required by the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA, or Climate Act). This program does not play a role in the identification of specific power plant closures, but rather aims to provide communities, at no cost to them, with resources related to pending or future power plant closures. This includes supporting activities associated with site reuse planning to help communities spur diversified, 21st Century economic development and thrive in the move to a clean energy economy. Under PON 4563, NYSERDA is offering site reuse planning and technical support services to individual municipalities that are navigating power plant retirement and site reuse opportunities. NYSERDA will provide 100% of the site reuse planning costs as defined in PON 4563, with no cost share required by the applicant. Applicant must be County, City, Town, or Village that is home to a grid-connected fossil-fuel power plant that:
  • has been decommissioned within the last five (5) years,
  • is currently being decommissioned,
  • has confirmed its plans to retire and deactivate, or
  • commenced operations prior to 2010 and is currently operating.
Note, however, that each application must be made pursuant to a single fossil-fuel power plant facility, rather than for multiple facilities that may be located in a single municipality.

Applicants should be the level of government with land use/regulatory authority of the power plant site, or a partnership between levels of government with vested interests in the site reuse (land use/regulatory authority may include property ownership or regulatory controls, such as the ability to implement zoning and land use regulations specific to the power plant site). Applications that are being submitted on behalf of a partnership must include the primary applicant (e.g., a county applying on behalf of a town that has land use/regulatory authority over the power plant site) and letters of support from partnering levels of government.

Each eligible municipality will receive up to $150,000 of Site Reuse Planning Technical Assistance. Applicants may be eligible for Disadvantaged Community (DAC) community support adder of up to $10,000 to advance planning efforts critical to addressing community needs. To access this funding, the Applicant must have a New York State Disadvantaged Community located within the municipality, as defined at the time of application.

The scope of services to be provided by NYSERDA and technical service provider in developing the applicant’s Site Reuse Planning Study may include some, or all, of the following elements based on needs and other planning activities undertaken by the applicant:

Baseline planning tasks:
  • Evaluation of Existing Site
  • Economic Analysis
  • Stakeholder Input
  • Alternative Reuse Plans
  • Demolition and Abatement
  • Public Health Impacts
  • Recommended Actions & Timeline

Pre-Development Activities
For applicants who completed the baseline planning tasks, technical assistance under PON 4563 is available to support further predevelopment work to assist the applicant in achieving more advanced community revitalization goals.  Examples of predevelopment activities include:
  • Detailed Infrastructure Assessment
  • Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Development of Marketing Collateral
  • Site Planning
  • Workforce Development Strategies
  • Non-Site-Specific Community Revitalization Strategies
  • Tailored Public Engagement Methods
  • Others as determined through the initial baseline planning process
Applications must be submitted to: [email protected]


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