Cooperative Advertising and Training for Clean Energy Partners (4482)

Due Date:  Continuous


NYSERDA’s Cooperative (Co-op) Advertising and Training Program for Clean Energy Partners provides cost-sharing incentives to support advertising, special promotions and/or events, including training, for eligible clean energy technologies including cold-climate air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, energy efficiency (i.e. air sealing and insulation), and high-efficiency low-emission wood heating systems. The co-op advertising and training funds can be used to promote industry focused advertising and manufacturer-led sales, design and/or installation training. This program promotes the benefits and available offers to drive the adoption of Clean Energy.

Potential applicants are required to read the Co-op Advertising and Training Program Manual for eligibility and requirements.

Contractor support is available by emailing 
[email protected] or calling 518-207-4553.


Application Submission


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