Innovation Marketing Support (RFP 4459)

Due Date:  08/10/2020  (Round 1)


NYSERDA is looking for strategic, forward-thinking, and clean tech market savvy firms to support its Innovation Program for the purpose of actively contributing toward the achievement of New York State’s renewable energy and climate goals. The services required are those of marketing strategy, program repositioning, program re-branding, marketing execution, tactic planning, media buying, social media, web content, photography, videography, marketing effectiveness tracking and measurement, and related marketing and communication services. The experience of the firm and/or individual staff members must include a background relevant to clean technology, renewable energy, business support, business growth and expansion, startup nurturing, manufacturing scale-up, and renewable energy markets in New York State.

NYSERDA will encourage contracted firms to engage industry experts and advisors who have experience in relevant areas to work collaboratively with NYSERDA and the contracted marketing firm. This collaborative process will provide additional industry-specific knowledge, skills, and feedback to help develop effective, comprehensive marketing plans. NYSERDA will encourage engagement with these experts and through the contracted firms or will directly engage with these experts through a separate approval process, when necessary and appropriate.

Proposers should familiarize themselves with NYSERDA’s policy mandate and strategic plan.


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