2020 RES Purchase of New York Tier 1 Eligible Renewable Energy Certificates (RESRFP20-1)

Due Date:  08/27/2020  (Round 1)


NYSERDA seeks to purchase Tier 1 Renewable Energy Certificates (refer to the RESRFP20-1 Summary for full details) associated with electricity generated from eligible facilities that enter commercial operation on or after January 1, 2015 and on or before November 30, 2022, unless extended to November 30, 2025.

This RFP will be implemented through a three-step process, consisting of:

1) Step One Eligibility Application: A qualifying step through which the Proposer must provide evidence that the Bid Facility is Tier 1 eligible and other general information about the Proposer and the Bid Facility. The Step One Eligibility Application form will open on August 5, 2020.  

2) Step Two Bid Proposal: A competitive Bid Proposal step, through which NYSERDA will (1) examine submissions to determine whether the Proposal demonstrates that the Bid Facility and Proposer meet the minimum project Viability Threshold requirements, and (2) for Proposals that meet those minimum requirements, a full competitive evaluation based on price and non-price factors.  

Only those Proposers found eligible and qualified through the Step One processes will be permitted to submit a Step Two Bid Proposal or otherwise participate in Step Two. Only those Proposals found to have met all minimum project Viability Threshold requirements will be evaluated under Step Two. 
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