Outreach and Technical Services to Support Clean Energy Communities (RFP 4276)

Due Date:  06/11/2020  (Round 1)


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Communities and Local Government Team is seeking qualified organizations to provide Coordinator Services to support the Clean Energy Communities Program (PON 3298), as described in this solicitation, and other departmental initiatives, as necessary. More information on the program may be found at https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/cec. The proposer must be prepared to provide uninterrupted services for a maximum period of five and a half (5 ½) years. The proposer will provide expert support to New York State communities on a variety of clean energy projects and initiatives.

The purpose of the Coordinator Services is to maximize Clean Energy Communities program participation and high-impact action completion. This will be accomplished by Coordinators engaging with and providing guidance to city, town, village, and county governments and other eligible entities. Working closely with NYSERDA program staff, Coordinators, as directed by NYSERDA, shall target the greatest opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and seek to increase adoption rates for energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean transportation, and beneficial electrification.  

The objectives of these services are to deploy a network of Clean Energy Community Coordinators to provide direct outreach and support to municipalities as they consider and implement NYSERDA-selected high-impact actions and grant projects to support specific focus areas as defined in this solicitation; to act as a resource to the program on a statewide basis; and offer a set of cross-cutting services as defined in this solicitation to communities, covering peer-to-peer platforms, training, grant project support, and marketing.


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