Commercial Tenant Program (PON 4072)

Due Date:  Continuous


The goal of NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program is to integrate energy efficiency in leased office spaces. This program is open to commercial office tenants and their landlords who wish to improve the efficiency of their leased office space. The Program can fund eligible technical assistance services during all phases of a tenant’s leasing cycle, including during the space selection or pre-lease phase, during project development, during project implementation, and throughout occupancy. Technical assistance is defined as a series of activities that support a tenant or landlord’s decision-making process with respect to energy efficiency. Funding, which covers the professional services fees of consultants offering the technical assistance, ranges from fifty percent (50%) to one hundred percent (100%) of the consultant’s professional services fees associated with this work depending on the level of analysis and services provided. The Program does not provide funding to offset the cost of installing energy efficiency measures in leased office spaces. The consultant delivering the technical assistance is responsible for ensuring tenants and landlords participating in the program receive energy savings recommendations that are actionable and that can inform energy management and implementation decisions to optimize performance of leased office space. A consultant may use a variety of tools to identify such energy savings opportunities, from comprehensive energy modeling to simple walk-through assessments, depending on the needs of the tenant or landlord. Portfolio owners, in particular, can greatly benefit from this program and are encouraged to participate.

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