Workforce Training - Building Operations & Maintenance (PON 3715)

Due Date:  04/09/2020  (Round 1); 05/21/2020  (Round 2); 08/20/2020  (Round 3); 11/19/2020  (Round 4); 02/25/2021  (Round 5); 05/20/2021  (Round 6); 08/19/2021  (Round 7); 11/18/2021  (Round 8); 02/17/2022  (Round 9); 05/19/2022  (Round 10); 08/18/2022  (Round 11); 09/22/2022  (Round 12); 11/16/2022  (Round 13); 02/16/2023  (Round 14); 05/18/2023  (Round 15); 08/17/2023  (Round 16); 11/14/2023  (Round 17)


NYSERDA’s Building Operations and Maintenance Workforce Development and Training Program seeks to reduce energy use and associated carbon emissions while saving building operators and owners money by developing and strengthening the skills of operations and maintenance (O&M) staff and managers across the state. In particular, the program is intended to equip building O&M workers with the skills to operate increasingly energy-efficient, grid-flexible, and electrified building systems that reduce buildings’ contribution to climate change. The goal is to support building owners, facility managers, property management companies, business associations/trade groups, and organized labor associations in creating the talent development strategy, corporate culture, on-site training framework, and tools needed to advance building O&M workers beyond classroom training.

While a training organization, a business association/trade group or an organized labor association may be the lead proposer, it must partner with a specified entity or entities employing building O&M workers. Proposals must be for training activities connected with specific buildings or portfolios/campuses of buildings, including partnerships of businesses with common training needs and skills gaps that have total annual energy expenditures of $1 million or more (all fuels and uses.)

NYSERDA will support eligible projects by providing funding for programs and activities such as, but not limited to, creation of on-site training laboratories, curriculum development, in-person and virtual training, on-the-job training, coaching/mentorships, apprenticeships, training trainers within a company, and partnerships with manufacturers.

NYSERDA will provide funding of up to 90% with a cap of $400,000 per proposal when 75% or more of the buildings employing O&M workers are located in a Disadvantaged Community or when the proposal is for a qualifying union-led project or qualifying pre-apprenticeship program. For all other proposals, NYSERDA will provide funding of up to 70% with a cap of $400,000 per proposal. In all proposals, the majority of the cost share must be provided by employers of building O&M workers. Examples of eligible cost share include the proposer/facility’s employees’ wages while working on tasks defined in the Statement of Work, the proposer/facility’s employees’ wages during training hours, equipment that will be used exclusively for training purposes, and training fees offset by a third party.

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