Buildings of Excellence Competition (RFP 3928)

Due Date:  06/05/2019  (Round 1); 05/27/2020  (Round 2)


The Buildings of Excellence Competition aims to accelerate the design, development, construction and operation of very low or zero carbon emitting buildings that are capable of withstanding increased risks and impacts from future climate change. NYSERDA seeks proposals for projects that reduce their energy consumption and per capita carbon emissions while increasing climate change resilience, including passive survivability, in a manner which can be replicated at scale. Selected projects are eligible to receive up to $1,000,000 in direct funding, as well as support for initiatives focused on broad marketing and public awareness.

The competition accepts proposals for projects that are in early or late design status. Proposers must demonstrate (1) How the project will generate interest in and demand or the construction of low carbon and climate-resilient advanced clean energy buildings, (2) their commitmentTo share information related to the projects design, costs, and performance, which is expected to support decision making processes employed to achieve the desired outcomes, and (3) architectural and urban design quality and innovation. Proposers must also demonstrate how their projects provide superior financial benefits for owners, and provide attractive, healthy, safe, and otherwise outstanding living environments for occupants. The competition intends to identify and select proposals for projects that demonstrate the greatest potential for success and replication.

The funding provided through the competition may be used in conjunction with other funding offered by NYSERDA and utilities service providers. However, proposers must review the rules of the other programs to determine if those funds are accessible in combination with funds offered by this competition.

Informational Webinar: NYSERDA will host informational webinars on Wednesday March 18, April 15, and May 20, 2020 starting at 10 am.  Registration prior to the webinar is not required.  Fill out this form to be notified of these and any additional informational webinars that may be scheduled; or when each round of the Competition is launched, are about to close, and when the winners of each round are announced.


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