Energy Efficiency and Clean Technology Training (PON 3981)

Due Date:  12/13/2018  (Round 1); 03/13/2019  (Round 2); 05/23/2019  (Round 3); 08/06/2019  (Round 4); 10/22/2019  (Round 5); 01/23/2020  (Round 6)


Total funding for multiple rounds, denoted by proposal due dates for this solicitation is $7 million. Future rounds of this solicitation may occur subject to funding availability. Additional funds may be added if available at NYSERDA’s discretion. If changes are made to this solicitation, notification will be posted on NYSERDA’s website at

NYSERDA will accept proposals requesting between $50,000 and $250,000. Proposals requesting less than $50,000 or more than $250,000 will not be considered. Additional funding may be added to successful projects after the original contract award.  Projects are anticipated to be completed within approximately two years. Preference will be given to projects that provide training and job placement services to workers with barriers to employment. NYSERDA anticipates making multiple awards under this solicitation, and all, or none, of the total available funds may be awarded in any round.
Proposers will be required to provide a 30 percent cost share, which can include cash or in-kind services. Examples of eligible cost share include equipment supplied by manufacturers/businesses for hands-on training, training fees offset by a third party, training organization staff salaries, etc.
Eligible activities for which NYSERDA funding can be used must focus on training for the targeted energy efficiency and clean technology areas identified above and can include, but are not limited to: developing, modifying or implementing curriculum; delivering training (on-line, classroom, on-site, etc.); certification costs; equipment purchase for hands-on training; hiring and training trainers; marketing; internships (including costs for administering internships and intern wages); marketing as detailed above; job placement services; pre-apprenticeships; and apprenticeships. Funding is also available to simply expand the capacity of existing energy efficiency and clean energy training to meet a demonstrated business need related to hiring new workers or advancing existing workers.
This program is supported with System Benefits Charge (SBC)/Clean Energy Fund (CEF) funding. SBC/CEF service territory consists of areas with electric service provided by Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corp., Consolidated Edison Company of NY, Inc., NYS Electric and Gas Corporation, National Grid, Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc., and Rochester Gas and Electric.  All services/trainings funded under this solicitation must be held within SBC/CEF service territories, and the training must be designed to meet the needs of energy efficiency and clean technology businesses within the SBC/CEF territories.



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