Novel Business Models and Offerings (PON 3932)

Due Date:  11/26/2018  (Round 1); 05/13/2019  (Round 2)


Novel business models or tools that enable reallocation of costs, risks, ownership, returns, and other transacted items have produced offerings that have been more attractive to their customers even while deploying the same established, demonstrated technology. Novel business models and offerings might include performance-based contracts, power purchase agreements, x-as-a-service, resource sharing, or shared savings agreements. Tools are products that support or enable business models by, for example, reducing business soft costs, improving response time to customers, or facilitating sales.
Through this Program Opportunity Notice 3932 (PON 3932) NYSERDA seeks proposals from companies in two categories:
•             Category A: Scaling a Novel Business Model or Offering (Maximum Award: $500,000)
•             Category B: Developing and Validating a Novel Business Model or Tool for Use in the One-to-four-Family Residential Sector (Maximum Award: $100,000)
In many clean energy markets, conventional product offerings have met with frequent customer resistance. For example, energy-saving equipment might not be purchased and implemented due to customer concerns with high first costs, uncertainty in recouping financial returns, lack of understanding of non-energy benefits of the equipment, or other barriers. Thus, many installations of established, commercially available clean energy products will not occur despite providing a positive return on investment over time. Economic and environmental value that could result from such investments and installations therefore remains to be realized. PON 3932 is an approach to help provide clarity and address market barriers.
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