Energy Study Aggregation Program (PON 3787)

Due Date:  Continuous


NYSERDA is soliciting applications from FlexTech Consultants with valid FlexTech agreements to demonstrate new, innovative, and streamlined approaches for delivering objective energy efficiency studies to commercial facilities. The approach (“Business Model”) must incorporate an aggregation of Participant Sites (“Aggregation Portfolio”) to achieve economies of scale by reaching a greater number of customers at a reduced cost.

NYSERDA is interested in exploring scalable, sustainable, and replicable energy study solicitation and delivery Business Models that reduce customer acquisition and technical energy study costs. The goal of the Energy Study Aggregation Program is to improve the predictability of returns from investments by providing replicable Business Models and streamlined energy efficiency studies.

Each Aggregation Project will receive up to $50,000, paid directly to the FlexTech Consultant, as an incentive to test their proposed Business Model. The incentive will be broken out two ways: 1: a one-time lump sum of $5,000 paid upon the FlexTech Consultant acquiring the minimum number Participant Sites in the Aggregation Portfolio and 2: a performance incentive up to $45,000 based on the recommended energy savings within the Aggregation Portfolio. The performance incentive is set at $110/MWh for recommended electric measure savings and $5/MMBtu for recommended fuel measure savings. The Consultant’s use of the incentives will be at their discretion. It is not required that the Participant Sites cost-share the study or that the Consultant share any portion of the NYSERDA incentive with the participant.

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