Commercial New Construction (PON 3609)

Due Date:  Continuous


The Commercial New Construction Program Opportunity Notice PON 3609 offers objective technical and financial support to building owners to effect a permanent transformation in the way buildings are designed and constructed in New York State.  Technical support is offered on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to funding availability.  Financial support is formally committed at the time NYSERDA issues a written pre-approval of the financial offer.
The Commercial New Construction Program is available for new construction and substantial renovations of commercial and institutional buildings in New York State.
New Construction - defined as a project involving a new building, or space within a new building, for which a registered architect or professional engineer has prepared and certified building plans.
Substantial Renovations - defined as one of the following types of projects where a registered architect or professional engineer has prepared and certified building plans for:
  • Change of use and reconstruction of an existing building or space within;
  • Construction work of a nature requiring that the building or space within be out of service for at least 30 consecutive days; or
  • Reconstruction of a vacant structure or space within.
State, federal and local governments, businesses, not-for-profit and private institutions, public and private schools, colleges and universities and health care facilities that are electricity customers of a participating utility company, and that pay, or will pay, into the electric System Benefits Charge are eligible for support.
Customers in areas affected by a utility natural gas moratorium may be eligible for enhanced programs in the recently announced Clean Energy Action Plan.  This includes Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., (“Con Ed”) customers in Southern Westchester and New York State Electric and Gas Corporation (“NYSEG”) customers in Lansing, NY.  Please use the tool located at to determine your eligibility. 
To ensure eligibility to participate NYSERDA requests that applications be submitted at the schematic design phase or earlier.
Applicants may not obtain financial support for the same energy efficiency measure through other NYSERDA programs or from programs offered by their local utility.
Applicants must complete the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) online at:
Assistance to answer questions on the Consolidated Funding Application is available at 1-866-NYSERDA (toll free), or via email at  Please reference Consolidated Funding Application for the Commercial New Construction Program. 


Application Submission


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