Solarize (PON 3011)

Due Date:  02/28/2018  (Round 1)


NYSERDA invites local governments, school districts, and other community partners to participate in Solarize, a program designed to make solar more economical through community-driven initiatives.
In 2018, NYSERDA will support community solar projects known as “Solarize” campaigns, which are short-term (6-9 months) local efforts to bring together groups of potential customers through widespread outreach and education. The program’s approach allows customers to choose a solar installation company or community solar project offering competitive, transparent pricing. Community-driven Solarize campaigns around the State and country have resulted in thousands of new solar installations with significant cost reductions and environmental benefits.
Bringing together multiple solar customers within a community provides opportunities for installers to realize economies of scale and, ultimately, cost savings for the customer. By educating the local community, streamlining marketing efforts, and aggregating sales, Solarize campaigns help make solar a more accessible and affordable energy option.

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