On-site Energy Manager Pilot (PON 3701)

Due Date:  Continuous


PON 3701 seeks applications from facilities interested in participating in the On-site Energy Manager Pilot to demonstrate how a dedicated On-site Energy Manager can improve a company’s profitability by delivering energy, process, and operational improvements.  The Pilot targets commercial, industrial, and multifamily facilities or campuses that do not have an existing, dedicated, full-time energy manager on-site.

Applicants must show a desire to continue the role beyond the Pilot engagement and must be willing to share results and lessons learned to further the Pilot’s objective of increasing the penetration of energy managers at commercial, industrial, and multifamily facilities.

Applications will be accepted via email to 
OnSiteEnergyManager@nyserda.ny.gov through December 30, 2022 or until all funds are fully committed.
If Applicants intend to submit proposals with a claim of confidentiality, please consult OnSiteEnergyManager@nyserda.ny.gov first.

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