Multifamily New Construction Program (PON 3716)

Due Date:  Continuous


The Multifamily New Construction Program offers technical support and incentives to developers of multifamily high rise new construction and gut rehabilitation projects. The multi-tiered incentive structure is intended to promote increased levels of performance, up to and inclusive of net zero energy performance, identifying replicable and integrated design solutions by focusing on cost optimization analysis and financing of strategies that recognize operation costs and management of perceived risk.  The goal is to increase awareness of and demand for advanced clean energy solutions while strengthening the capacity of clean energy professionals to deliver design and construction services.  Use of solar photovoltaic generation and other renewable energy systems, as well ground source heat pumps and other innovative technologies, are encouraged to achieve the higher performance targets.  The applicant is expected to hire a NYSERDA-approved Primary Energy Consultant to act as the primary resource for their participation.  This program significantly but not exclusively targets the Low to Moderate Income (LMI) housing sector, supporting New York State and New York City housing agencies as well as other funding authorities in their efforts to secure efficient, durable, resilient, and healthy housing.  This program is closely aligned with NYSERDA's Low-rise Residential New Construction Program to more seamlessly support the higher performance multifamily new construction market.

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