FlexTech Consultant Statewide Services (RFP 3628)

Due Date:  Continuous


NYSERDA provides technical assistance to drive better decision making with respect to the implementation of cost-effective clean energy, energy efficiency and carbon reduction measures. NYSERDA offers this assistance, including cost-shared energy studies, to support customers in a variety of sectors, such as the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors; retail, colleges and universities; and the agricultural sector. This technical assistance can encompass a wide range of technologies, including on-site power, energy storage and renewable heat. The primary goal of the technical assistance is to reduce the soft costs associated with acquiring objective quality data and pertinent information that, if acted upon, will mitigate carbon impacts, increase productivity and economic competitiveness throughout the state
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) requests proposals from firms interested in becoming FlexTech Consultants. FlexTech Consultants provide objective customized technical services to inform clean energy management and investment decisions. FlexTech Consultants may also be selected to provide support directly to NYSERDA on a variety of initiatives, pilots and alternative approaches to identifying opportunities for implementation of clean energy and energy efficiency technologies.  FlexTech Consultants must demonstrate experience and a thorough understanding of clean energy services delivery to commercial and industrial customers in New York State. The credibility of FlexTech Consultants and the quality of technical services they deliver are essential to NYSERDA’s success. Consultants approved through this RFP will receive an agreement that will remain in effect until June 30, 2026 with yearly performance requirements.  The agreement does not guarantee work from NYSERDA. FlexTech Consultants are primarily responsible for creating and maintaining their own workload. Applicants are not required to have offices located in New York State to respond to this RFP.
To submit a proposal, please email the proposal and all required documentation to [email protected] 



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