Energy Storage - Product Development (PON 3585)

Due Date:  07/20/2017  (Round 1); 11/02/2017  (Round 2); 02/08/2018  (Round 3); 04/12/2018  (Round 4)


NYSERDA supports the growth of the energy storage portfolio in New York State. Despite advances in storage technology, several technological challenges still exist including high hardware costs, suboptimal system performance (efficiency, life cycle and thermal stability), and insufficient integration field testing with the grid and other applications. These barriers continue to hinder and effect the growth of energy storage deployment. 

As a result, NYSERDA is seeking proposals to develop and field test innovative energy storage systems focused on: 
  • Hardware (including balance-of-system hardware) cost reduction.
  • Performance improvements (efficiency, energy and power density, and thermal stability), for NY-specific applications’ duty cycles (e.g., building demand response, electric vehicle charging, solar photovoltaics (PV), and large-scale wind farming).
  • Load-side and generation-side field testing of new energy storage technologies to reduce peak load, store and reuse solar PV and wind energy to aid firming up these resources, and provide ancillary services.
NYSERDA is employing a two-step application process for this solicitation.  All proposers must initially submit a four-page concept paper using the Concept Paper Template provided in Attachment A.  The Concept Paper should provide a concise overview of the proposer’s energy storage innovation. The Concept Paper will be reviewed and scored by a scoring committee based on the Evaluation Criteria in Section IV. If favorably reviewed, proposers will then be invited to submit a full proposal. Concept paper due dates are as follows:

Round 1: July 20, 2017
Round 2: November 2, 2017
Round 3: February 8, 2018
Round 4: April 12, 2018

Funding:  Four rounds of this solicitation are anticipated for 2017 and 2018.  The total available funding through Dec. 31, 2018 is $6,300,000.  Up to $1,825,000 will be committed by Dec. 31, 2017 and the remaining funds will be committed during subsequent rounds .  
Details.  Proposers are encouraged to visit the Clean Energy Fund section of the NYSERDA website ( and review the Renewable Optimization Chapter of the Clean Energy Investment Plan, which is associated with this solicitation. All documents associated with this solicitation and required details are below.
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