NextGen HVAC Innovation Challenges (PON 3519)

Due Date:  08/03/2017  (Round 1); 04/26/2018  (Round 2); 01/17/2019  (Round 3); 12/12/2019  (Round 4); 11/17/2020  (Round 5); 07/07/2022  (Round 6)


 The NextGen HVAC funding opportunity will help develop energy efficient building technologies and new business models for New York’s building industry, in order to tackle emissions from New York’s building stock. This funding opportunity focuses on cutting edge heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

A total of $30 million has been made available over seven rounds of innovation challenges to encourage private investment and advance the next generation of HVAC systems for buildings. The innovation challenges are focused on improving the performance and value propositions of HVAC innovations for New York’s buildings. These challenges identify attributes that drive HVAC innovation and challenge industry to develop systems that deliver on those attributes, help establish credibility of new companies and products through engagement and involvement of influential buildings sector stakeholders, and drive market entry through identification and leveraging of existing channels to market for HVAC products and services.

In the sixth of seven rounds of innovation challenges, NYSERDA is seeking concept papers focusing on:
  • Solutions that minimize a refrigerant’s GHG contribution potential and advance low GWP refrigerants,
  • A panelized system for deep-energy retrofits,
  • An integrated HVAC solution for midrise buildings,
  • Innovative materials, construction approaches, and manufacturing methods that improve building envelopes, and
  • Solutions that both lower the cost and improve the performance of community heat pump systems.

NYSERDA will review and select concept paper submissions through a competitive process. The most promising will receive a request to submit a full proposal.


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