CHP Program (PON 2568)

Due Date:  Continuous


The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Program provides incentives for the installation of grid-connected CHP systems up to 3 MW at customer sites that pay the System Benefits Charge (SBC) on their electric bill. The CHP Program supports an accelerated procurement process where customers select from a set of pre-engineered CHP modules supplied by approved CHP vendors (the Catalog Approach) or the more traditional design/build procurement process specifically for larger CHP systems where requirements are not adequately met by the Catalog Approach (the Custom Approach). Under the Catalog Approach, approved CHP vendors act as a single point of responsibility for the entire project and provide a minimum 5-year maintenance/warranty agreement on the CHP system. Under this approach, NYSERDA will only accept applications from, and will only contract with, approved CHP vendors. Under the Custom Approach, NYSERDA will accept applications from the site owner, the CHP System owner, or any member of the project team that is willing and capable of taking responsibility for the proper design, integration, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the CHP System. NYSERDA will contract only with the applicant. The Custom Approach is available for projects 1MW and larger in size. 
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