Agrivoltaics Research and Demonstration (RFP 5752)

Due Date:  09/12/2024  (Round 1)


Agrivoltaics integrate solar energy generation and agricultural production on the same parcel of land. NYSERDA’s Request for Proposals (RFP) 5752 seeks to fund agrivoltaic demonstration projects in New York State that advance this emerging practice. Awarded projects are intended to exemplify viable model systems and collect and share data on the resultant energy generation and agricultural production to inform best practices and future project designs. Projects must be at least 100 kW DC and can produce a wide range of agricultural commodities (for example, specialty and commodity crops, livestock grazing, and hay, forage, or silage production). Eligible projects also include, but are not limited to, retrofits of existing solar sites to allow agricultural production. NYSERDA will fund up to $500,000 of the incremental solar capital and operational costs associated with the agrivoltaics, and up to $250,000 for the agricultural costs associated with each awarded project. Awarded agrivoltaic projects should be operational for at least five years to allow for sufficient data collection.


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