Clean Hydrogen Innovation (Cost Share for Federal Funding Opportunities) (PON 5712)

Due Date:  Continuous


The NYSERDA Clean Hydrogen Innovation (Cost Share for Federal Funding Opportunities) program focuses on accelerating innovative solutions in clean hydrogen to decarbonize hard-to-electrify sectors and to support the transition to a resilient, zero-emission electric grid. Through this program, NYSERDA has up to $5 million in co-funding to help proposers achieve federal funding award cost-sharing requirements (subject to applicable contracting laws, rules, and regulations) for clean hydrogen research, development, and demonstration projects.

Funding in this solicitation focuses on Clean Hydrogen Innovation in the following technical challenge areas:
  • Challenge 1. Hydrogen applications to decarbonize industrial process heat 
  • Challenge 2. Mitigation of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from hydrogen combustion 
  • Challenge 3. Hydrogen storage technologies for bulk storage and limited footprint areas 
  • Challenge 4. Hydrogen-based generation systems for microgrids and grid support services
  • Challenge 5. Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and fueling stations

Two categories of projects will be considered for funding based on technology readiness levels (TRLs):
  • Category A: Product Development (TRL 4-6)
  • Category B: Pilot & Demonstration Projects (TRL 7-9)

For more information on the Clean Hydrogen Innovation program please see the NYSERDA Clean Hydrogen webpage and join our mailing list to stay connected.

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