Apprenticeship and Pre-apprenticeship Clean Energy Training (PON 5437)

Due Date:  02/07/2024  (Round 1); 04/03/2024  (Round 2); 06/05/2024  (Round 3); 08/06/2024  (Round 4); 10/08/2024  (Round 5); 12/03/2024  (Round 6)


Through this funding opportunity, and in working with labor organizations and registered pre-apprenticeship programs across the State, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) seeks to grow a diverse, equitable, and inclusive pipeline of skilled talent for the clean energy labor market. Projects funded through this solicitation are intended to create and/or expand the capacity of Direct Entry Pre-apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship programs as a pathway to high-quality, family supporting jobs. Eligible initiatives must include clean energy technical training in target areas (developing new or expanding existing clean energy training capacity) and hands-on experience for pre-apprentices, apprentices, and/or journey workers, ensuring they have the skills and qualifications required to meet the demands of a clean energy economy.

This solicitation serves as an initial offering of a larger investment of approximately $45 million to train thousands of pre-apprentices, apprentices, and journey workers over the course of three years.

NYSERDA will accept applications requesting up to $750,000 per project commensurate with the scale of training proposed. Projects that further include K-12 career awareness and outreach promoting clean energy jobs as part of a training initiative can access up to an additional $150,000 in NYSERDA funding. The total amount of funding available for a project that expands training capacity, builds new clean energy training, and includes a K-12 career awareness and outreach element is $900,000. Cost share is encouraged but not required.

Entities that may apply for funding (“Training Providers”) include bona fide labor organizations, labor management committees and training centers affiliated with bona fide labor organizations, and active New York State Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Programs and Direct Entry Pre-apprenticeship Programs affiliated with bona fide labor organizations.

Applicants must be registered to do business in New York State, must have a New York State training location and must be in good standing.

Applicants must further have a demonstrated history of clean energy technical training and job placement in the technology area(s) proposed for funder under this PON. If an applicant does not have a demonstrated history in the eligible technology area(s), the applicant must demonstrate its expertise in developing and delivering the proposed training and prove that the training will address a current market need for skilled labor.

All recruitment, training, and K-12 career awareness and outreach activities must take place in New York State; and all projects must train New York State residents.

This solicitation will provide funding for projects that address projected workforce needs and prepare pre-apprentices, apprentices, and journey workers for employment in the following clean energy technology areas: Building decarbonization and energy efficiency technologies and practices to support decarbonization; renewable energy generation, interconnection, transmission, distribution, and storage; and electric vehicle charging station installation and repair.

Training initiatives eligible for funding include curriculum development; technical training for program expansion; train-the-trainer training on new content; equipment purchases for hands-on training, virtual reality training, and (mobile) training labs; pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training; mentorship programs for new workers; and K-12 career awareness and outreach programs.

Additionally, NYSERDA may fund reasonable costs for stipends and supportive services (e.g., care coordination, transportation, child support services, mental health counseling) for pre-apprentices and first-year apprentices with barriers to employment and training after all other sources have been exhausted.

For Registered Apprenticeship Programs and journey worker training, a minimum of 50% of training participants must be from Disadvantaged Communities or Priority Populations. Projects that include Direct Entry Pre-apprenticeship Programs must ensure that at least 50% of training participants are from Disadvantaged Communities. Projects that exclusively train individuals from Disadvantaged Communities or Priority Populations will be given higher consideration. For any K-12 career awareness and outreach element, at least 50% of participating schools or afterschool/summer programs must be located in a Disadvantaged Community or serve a majority of students from Disadvantaged Communities.

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