Heat Recovery Solutions (RFQL 5217)

Due Date:  Continuous


New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (“NYSERDA”) is launching the Heat Recovery Solutions RFQL 5217 to qualify manufacturers of technologies that are critical to building decarbonization in New York State. This NYSERDA qualification will recognize technologies that enable buildings to cost-effectively decarbonize their operations and build customer demand for low carbon solutions. This technology aims to meet the needs of New York’s existing building stock for manufacturers and solution providers. Lastly, this qualification will help building owners, operators and occupants by vetting and publicizing solutions that achieve the benefits of heat recovery.

Heat recovery is defined as recovering and repurposing a building's wasted thermal energy to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. Well-known thermal energy recovery applications in buildings include forms of heat recovery in ventilation, refrigeration/chiller condenser, steam condensate, and flue-gas.

NYSERDA is looking to support heat recovery solutions that are common in other markets but novel to New York State as well as emergent heat recovery solutions. Through field demonstrations and pilot installations, there is an opportunity to create significant value for New York’s existing building stock. An example of a heat recovery solution that is novel to New York but common in other markets is an Exhaust Air Heat Pump, widely used in European markets to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Currently, there is very limited deployment of exhaust air heat pumps in existing buildings in New York. An example of an emergent heat recovery are heat recovery panels designed to harvest thermal energy from underground surfaces, such as walls and tunnels, to tap into ground-source thermal energy to heat water or air in buildings.

Both New York State and New York City have ambitious climate policies aimed at reducing the carbon emissions of building operations. New York offers excellent business opportunities for products and manufacturers who can advance heat recovery goals.

NYSERDA is accepting applications to evaluate products on technical metrics and test market acceptance for broad innovative Heat Recovery Solutions

Who Can Apply:
All innovators and manufacturers of heat recovery products that make it possible to recover and reuse otherwise wasted thermal energy economically from the following building [commercial, institutional, industrial, and/or multifamily] systems:
  • Exhaust and ventilation airstreams
  • Comfort treatment of heating, cooling, and dehumidification
  • Byproduct wasted energy from building equipment and systems
  • Heat rejected by data processing equipment and data centers
  • Heat byproducts from refrigeration, air/gas compression, energy production, energy conversion, and other processing plants
  • Solar energy incident on the building's exterior surface and fenestration
  • Infrastructure below ground
  • Discharged wastewater
  • Other



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