Long Duration Energy Storage Technology and Product Development (PON 5179)

Due Date:  10/17/2022  (Round 1)


Despite advances in storage technologies, and ever-increasing numbers of deployments, several technological optimization opportunities still exist including initial pilots and demonstrations, hardware cost reductions, enhanced system performance, and demonstration of effective integration with the power grid. Improving and optimizing these areas will accelerate growth of long duration electrical energy storage deployments. As New York’s electrification of transportation and building application increases, long duration electrical energy storage solutions will become critical in meeting times of reduced renewable generation.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) seeks to stimulate and grow long duration energy storage solutions in hydrogen, electrical, mechanical, chemical, and thermal-electric energy storage innovation portfolios in New York State by by making up to $17 million in funds available. This funding is to support innovative and under-utilized long duration energy storage solutions, devices, software, controls, and other complimentary technologies that decrease energy storage total hardware and installation costs, improve performance, and demonstrate integration with the power grid. Submissions must demonstrate significant statewide public benefits and quantify all energy, environmental and/or economic impacts.  


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