RFP 3928 Rd3- D - Buildings of Excellence Competition Early Design Support (RFP 3928 - RD3-D)

Due Date:  Continuous


The Buildings of Excellence Competition Early Design Support Request for Proposal (the “Early Design Support RFP”) seeks proposals for qualified design firms that will provide early-stage design support for new construction and adaptive reuse projects that will achieve carbon neutral-ready performance while being beautiful and functional, providing healthy, safe, comfortable, and resilient living spaces for their occupants, and will be profitable for the project’s developers and owners. The Early Design Support RFP is part of and in support of the larger Buildings of Excellence Competition (the “Competition"). The current round of the Competition is comprised of two RFPs, this Early Design Support RFP and a project demonstration RFP. The Competition aims to accelerate the design, development, construction, and operation of carbon neutral-ready multifamily buildings that are more resilient while integrating non-energy co-benefits for occupants such as controlled and healthy indoor air quality, as well as exceptional comfort. Successful proposers to the Early Design Support RFP will be expected to demonstrate how their design firm will engage with projects to substantially reduce energy use and per capita carbon emissions, while increasing building resiliency, including passive survivability, and improving health, comfort, and productivity for occupants, in a manner that can be replicated at scale. The Early Design Support RFP will identify and partner with selected professionals that demonstrate the greatest potential for success and replication in the market. Through this Early Design Support RFP, selected design firms are eligible to receive up to $250,000 in direct funding per project, as well as support for initiatives focused on broad marketing and public awareness.

Proposers must demonstrate (1) competence in carbon neutral-ready design that is coupled with architectural design quality and innovation, (2) ability to deliver high quality and functional, carbon neutral-ready and resilient, multifamily projects at competitive costs, with and superior performance (3) how their projects generate interest in and demand for the design and construction of carbon neutral-ready and resilient buildings, and (4) their commitment to share information related to the project’s design, costs, and performance used to support the decision-making processes employed to achieve the desired outcomes. 

The current Early Design Support RFP will accept proposals from design firm Partners to provide early design stage services to projects that are, as of the date of the proposal’s submission to NYSERDA, in an early design status as defined and detailed in the Eligibility Section II of this RFP. Projects receiving early design stage funding and support may also be eligible for and separately propose to receive demonstration project funding through the demonstration RFP of the Competition, as well as used in conjunction with other funding offered by NYSERDA and utilities service providers. However, design firm Partners must review the rules and eligibility of the other programs to determine if those funds are accessible in combination with funds offered by this Competition. Selection through this Early Design Support RFP serves as a pre-condition for eligibility to receive NYSERDA Buildings of Excellence Task Work Orders and incentive payments.
Informational webinar: NYSERDA will deliver an informational session on Thursday May 5, 2022, starting at 11:00 AM, which will be hosted at the Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex). Please Register for this event, which will be live streamed to allow for remote participation.  Opportunities for participants to submit written questions to the presenters will be provided. Additionally, fill out this form to be notified of additional informational webinars that may be scheduled. Submitting your contact information will ensure you will also be notified of when a future round of the Competition is launched, are about to close, and when the winners of each round are announced.



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