Buildings of Excellence - Early Design Support (RFP 3928 - D)

Due Date:  Continuous


The Buildings of Excellence Early Design Support Request for Proposal (the “EDS RFP”) seeks Proposals for qualified design firms that will provide early-stage design support for new construction, adaptive reuse, and gut rehabilitation multifamily projects that will be clean and resilient, beautiful, and functional, and will provide healthy, safe, comfortable, and resilient living spaces for their occupants. Funding through the EDS RFP may be made available to projects that will achieve carbon neutral performance and will also be profitable for their developers and owners and demonstrate realistic cost reductions in the design and construction phases. The EDS RFP is part of the larger Buildings of Excellence Competition (the “Competition”). Design firm Partner Proposers (the “Partner Proposers”) to the EDS RFP must demonstrate how their design firm has engaged with prior projects or will engage with future projects  to substantially reduce energy use and per capita carbon emissions, while increasing building resiliency, including passive and active survivability, successfully integrating architectural design attributes, and improving health, comfort, safety, and productivity for occupants, in a manner that can be replicated at scale. Successful Partner Proposers will become design firm Partners (the “Partners”) under the EDS RFP.

Partner Proposers must prepare Partner Proposals that will demonstrate (1) competence in clean, resilient, and carbon neutral design that is coupled with architectural design quality and innovation, (2) ability to deliver high quality and functional, clean, resilient, and carbon neutral multifamily projects at competitive costs, (3) how their projects generate interest in and demand for the design, construction, and occupation of clean, resilient, and carbon neutral buildings, and (4) their commitment to share information related to the project’s design, costs, and performance to support the decision-making processes employed to achieve the desired outcomes. 

The EDS RFP will consider funding the early-stage design of projects that intend to serve all portions of the multifamily market sector, while primarily focusing on mid- to high-rise (8 stories or greater in height) multifamily buildings and for projects that involve the adaptive re-use of commercial office, institutional, or retail space to provide multifamily housing. Through the EDS RFP, Partners will prepare Project Proposals for early-stage clean, resilient, and carbon neutral design support, as well as support for initiatives focused on broad marketing and public awareness. Partners are eligible to receive up to $1.50/square foot in direct funding, up to a per project-cap of $150,000, for the proposed projects.


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